Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard 2011

I've been toying around with the idea of changing up how I work. I feel what I have been doing is good, but it doesn't feel finished, or complete. I want more textures, but also a simpler character design for the things I draw. More suggestions and shapes of things rather than telling someone directly "this is a hand. this is a nose". Basically less literal, and more design. It'll make me think more about what I'm doing and also let my work mature. This piece, which is a whopping two panel comic I did to do some of that testing. I've also been going back and looking at a lot of the artists and graphic novels I used to enjoy so much and really studying what I like about them. Any tips or pointers would be awesome, feel free to comment below. :)

I also live in the midwest currently, and most of you know we are in a giant blizzard. Which inspired the subject matter for this. Oh and this has a lack of textures, it's mostly color and trying to add in less literal elements. Or find a balance between the literal and abstract.

Bowling and Tea

This is just a sketch dump.

Two pages from my sketchbook from bowling the other night, which I can tell I'm rusty with using an actual pencil and paper. I work primarily digitally anymore, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't also be doing analog work. Be prepared to see more of that since it needs to happen. 

Also I asked a friend the first thing that popped into their head the other night so I could just do something to practice. One of the words they stated was "gorilla" so I ran with that and out popped a spider monkey having tea with a very agitated gorilla.