If you've found yourself here it's most likely due to following me on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc. Or just maybe you found me randomly. Another explanation could be that you talked to me in person and I proceeded to tell you to check out my blog in your spare time. No matter how you got here, you did and I'd like to thank you for taking the time not only to look at my work, but also read this page.

In order not to ramble, I'll tell you a bit about myself and my work. I was born in Iowa and raised in Missouri, which means I also had a lot of free time to draw with little else to do for entertainment. This went from a hobby, to a love, and now to a passion and career. I graduated recently from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2010 with a BFA in Animation. I was originally going to pursue an Illustration degree, but I ran into a few bumps in the road. In the end it didn't matter since I'm now going head on into character design and visual development. I also can't deny my love for comics and graphic novels, which inspire me on a daily basis. As far as anything non-art related I love cooking, and eating. I'd say cooking is my second love and I have seriously toyed with the idea of one day having my own bakery. Perhaps when I retire...

On a side note, I am available for hire. So feel free to use the contact form tab to get a hold of me.