Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Mural Photos

I finally got to go back to the mural I just recently finished at the end of June to take photos. If I hadn't had technical problems at the time it would have happened sooner and with much more in-depth view of my process. Though my Mac died, so my plans were changed. Some of these are also dark but I was using the lighting from the room to show the mural as its painted to be seen with. Since I had to paint it with that lighting in mind. Though I have added some photos of it in here with the flash on so you can see more detail. I hope you enjoy them :)

Oh and a side note, I didn't paint the "Live Laugh Love" on the doorway, they added that with a stencil after I was done. It was their own personal choice that I leave that spot open for them. As well as it originally going from an italian villa type feel to more of a southwest feel.

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