Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Toast to George!

This is a painting I promised to do for a long time now for my mom of our dog George who passed away when I was in high school. I could never seem to get him right so it's taken me a lot of attempts over the years to get to this point. Despite that I think this painting completely encompasses what and who George was. I put him on a pedestal because he definitely thought he ruled the entire house and was some Greek dog god, along with hating everyone and everything unless you were in our immediate family. He was very loving with us though, but he did give us the loathing glare like seen here when he first woke up or we left him at home for a few hours. Surprisingly, even though he hated people, he loved to be taken to the groomers and pampered by the women there. I'm sure that has to tie in with his Greek god mentality and viewed them all as his own little harem, even for an hour.

Even though he was a pain to deal with on occasion (especially when the Fedex man came) we all still loved him dearly. So, without further ado here is "George Washington Long" as my mom named him.