Friday, October 8, 2010

DA Damuro Test

I recently started also posting up my work on DA, but this is still going to be the main place I'd like to showcase my work. But deviantART will be another hub more people can find me at if they choose. I'm slowly uploading my stuff on there as well, BUT I had previously heard that they had made an oekaki like online art tool where you can digitally paint right there on the site and then upload it to your DA account.

So, I obviously HAD to try it out. Overall I'm pretty impressed with it, it's like a bare essentials photoshop or oekaki on steroids. The only problem I had was once I started adding more than three layers and coloring it began to majorly lag. So I only got this far in the sketch. Next time I go to use it I'll clear my cache and see if it makes things any better. For now though, you get this update and I am heading to bed! Enjoy! :D

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